Zoning, Distance From Sensitive Areas And Availability Of Land Will Determine That Number.

Zoning, distance from sensitive areas and availability of land will determine that number. There will be a maximum of three medical marijuana dispensaries in Lemon Grove, with a population of just over 26,000. Lemon Grove will charge $150 for an initial compliance check of zoning clearance, and $1,500 for conditional-use permit. There will also be an annual inspection fee in an amount to be determined, plus additional fees for sheriff and fire services, if required. There will be no on-site medical consultation allowed. Measure V in Lemon Grove also authorizes the city to collect a quarterly fee per patient, which has yet to be determined. Lemon Grove City Manager Lydia Romero said the city will look at applications in the Medical marijuana order they are submitted, and they will be processed as with any other permit request. Romero said she felt that the earliest a dispensary would open in Lemon Grove would be in late summer. In both cities, dispensaries will be kept away from sensitive areas including schools, licensed day care centers, parks, playgrounds, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers. Neither city will collect sales tax because under state law, medical marijuana is not subject to taxation. La Mesa has OKd indoor marijuana plant growing, but is likely to ban people from growing it outdoors.

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