“where Do I Stop Being So Cooperative?

Back in Maine and sitting in sandals by a pristine lake a few days later, Feiner laughed off most of the encounter. She was still shocked that it happened at all. Wondering aloud, she hoped there wouldn’t be any future problems with TSA, especially during some upcoming international flights. In hindsight, Feiner realized how carefully she had had to navigate the encounter with PAPD. “Where do I stop being so cooperative? There’s really a line, and if you go over it, they are definitely going to be mean,” said Feiner, “But if you don’t insist on your rights, they will use everything against you.” The TSA travel ban on medical marijuana is a massive hardship for the millions of registered patients. And lack of recognition between the quickly expanding state programs is a cold insult to basic civil rights. No one should have to endure discrimination that is government approved. *A law passed in 1979 decriminalized marijuana possession in the state of New York, except when in “public view.” Medical marijuana In the 1990s, Mayor Rudy Giuliani used that loophole to crack down on the Big Apple’s cannabis consumers.

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