“we Need To Solve This Problem,” Savino Said.

State Sen. Medical marijuana Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) said veterans rely on a “cocktail of drugs” such as antidepressants like Zoloft, despite reports of little relief and escalating fears about the addictive nature of many prescription drugs. “We need to solve this problem,” Savino said. “We [New York] would be an outlier if we didn’t add it.” Others don’t think marijuana is an appropriate solution to treat PTSD. A handful of Long Island politicians, including state Sen. Elaine Phillips (R-Flower Hill) and state Sen. Thomas Croci (R-Sayville), chair of the Senate Veterans Committee, voted against the bill, citing the drug’s federal classification status and lack of conclusive research about the effectiveness of marijuana to relieve PTSD symptoms. “Outside the state of New York, the government considers it [marijuana] illegal,” Croci, a Navy reservist, said on the Senate floor this past June. “I think you’re just masking their symptoms .

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