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You are at: Home » Marijuana News »Marijuana Advertisements Hit New York City’s Subways Marijuana Advertisements Hit New York City’s Subways The Empire State’s subway system just got quite a bit greener with what is believed to be its first ever medical marijuana advertisements. While the ads courtesy of Vireo Health won’t Medical marijuana stocks mask the subways’ musky scent with cannabis, the flyers will further open the average New Yorker’s eyes to medical marijuana. The poster-style campaign targets New York’s prospective patients with a simple message: “Ask your doctor about medical marijuana.” The ads feature ordinary-looking people with curious smiles: Since adding chronic pain to the state’s list of medical marijuana conditions, New York’s registered patient count has risen to 19,321 as of May 16. With PTSD likely soon to follow suit , this ad serves as a clearcut, timely prompt to enlist more New Yorkers in the state’s medical marijuana program . Vireo’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stephen Dahmer indicated so much, stating that: “Our Ask Your Doctor about Medical Marijuana message is intended to encourage patients, particularly those suffering from chronic pain, to openly explore with their physician whether medical marijuana could be helpful to them.” For Vireo Health, the hope is that those New Yorkers will find a doctor and then purchase medical cannabis at Vireo instead of the state’s other four fully integrated licensed dispensaries. The company’s press release states that:  “Advertising in the New York City subway system will not only help increase public awareness about medical marijuana among millions of riders, but also combat the lingering stigma associated with its medicinal use by advertising alongside more traditional healthcare and consumer products.” And the advertisements are indeed historic. In 2014, Times Square pulled a $50,000 video Weedmaps advertisement spot from appearing on its massive screens. Since then, New York City has seen street-centric cannabis ads pop up around the city — from Viceland to Weedmaps  — but according to Vireo, this marks the first marijuana ads in the city’s bustling subway system. Likewise, the ads are likely to turn some heads and also ignite New York’s previously flailing medical marijuana program.

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