Urban Centers Are Known For Their More Progressive Views On Controversial Subjects, And By Any Definition Mmj Is Certainly One.

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Demand: Less stigma, marketing investments & word of mouth Close to half of the state lives in the greater New York city area. Urban centers are known for their more progressive views on controversial subjects, and by any definition MMJ is certainly one. New York city already sports a strong marijuana culture; as word spreads of those benefitting from the MMJ program, this underlying acceptance will only spur demand. Besides, word of mouth is MMJ’s best friend. When people feel better, they tell the world. Early stage markets also require businesses willing to take risk on infrastructure and on marketing. The licensed producers in New York knew going in this could be a long tail, and seem prepared for it. Just last week, one launched a billboard campaign – a wave that could actually lift many boats. Mainstream advertising not only stimulates interest, but in subtle ways can normalize how a population views MMJ.

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