Trumps Adult Sons, Eric And Donald Jr., Travel Extensively Overseas In Running The Family Business And They Receive Round-the-clock Secret Service Protection.

At that rate, travel and security for Trump and his family could run up hundreds of millions in Marijuana Stocks costs by the end of his term. Trumps adult sons, Eric and Donald Jr., travel extensively overseas in running the family business and they receive round-the-clock Secret Service protection. Eric Trumps trip to Uruguay in January to check on the progress of a Trump hotel reportedly cost taxpayers nearly $98,000 for agents hotel rooms. At the same time, Trumps daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, serve as senior advisers to the president, and they and their children are also afforded Secret Service protection. Ironically, Trump more than once criticized the cost of President Obamas travel, saying it was unbelievable that Obamas trips were costing taxpayers millions of dollars. He vowed during the campaign to save the public money by working tirelessly in Washington and skipping extraneous or overly expensive trips. Since then, First Family travel and leisure has been taxing Secret Service resources. And that, over time, could degrade the quality of protection for the commander in chief. The Secret Service acknowledged last Friday that a 26-year-old California man with a history of mental illness who breached White House security March 10 remained on the White House grounds for more than 15 minutes before Secret Service agents detected and arrested him. Trump was in the executive mansion at the time of the incident, and the man never got close to him. Related: Americans Are Having Doubts About Trumps Agenda: Poll That was only the latest in a series of potentially disastrous mishaps dating back years.

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