Trials Once The Clinical Development Leads To Human Trials. Despite New Product Approvals, Glaucoma And Dry Eye Remain Ophthalmic Diseases With Significant Unmet Medical Needs.

Titus continued. “We anticipate this partnership to enhance AXIM’s glaucoma and Marijuana Stocks xerophtalmia (dry eye) products development, ultimately improving the well-being of patients across the globe who suffer with these conditions. At this time, it is anticipated that initial development and early stage trials will be performed in Europe but Ora, Inc. will be pushing to receive DEA approval for U.S. trials once the clinical development leads to human trials.” “Despite new product approvals, glaucoma and dry eye remain ophthalmic diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Approximately 40% of glaucoma patients require more than one IOP-lowering medication. We hope that the development of new treatments with novel mechanisms of action will in turn reduce the risk of progression of visual field loss,” said David A. Hollander, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Ora. “Dry eye is one of the leading reasons for patient visits to eye care specialists. Novel therapies that address the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease will be welcomed by both dry eye sufferers and physicians.” Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which increased intraocular pressure leads to damage of the optic nerve, causing progressive, irreversible vision loss.

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