Though Its Formally Based On Operation Yewtree , The U.k.

Archer and the rest of Marijuana Stocks the idiots at his agency dont have to be literal spies for their comic potential to work. In the most recent season, the gang relocated from New York to L.A. and opened a private detective agency, one that technically boasted our beleaguered Cyrils name on the door but actually just let Archer get into his lowbrow, shoot-em-up tricks all over again. Riffs on James Bond get traded for classic noir conventions without missing a beat or an opportunity for an atrocious pun. Available March 28. Fame crime: National Treasure No, not the movie where Nicolas Cage desecrates the Declaration of Independence. This is a Hulu-exclusive import of a four-part British crime mini-series a ripped-from-the-headlines story of a beloved TV comic (played by Harry Potters Robbie Coltrane) accused of raping a 15-year-old girl. Though its formally based on Operation Yewtree , the U.K. investigation that ensnared childrens host Jimmy Savile on sexual abuse charges, the series is charged with resonance for American audiences, bringing to mind any number of high-profile dismantling of formerly untouchable entertainers. All episodes available March 1. Dick Laurent is dead: Lost Highway An illustration of David Lynch at his most thrillingly elliptical, Lost Highway mashes up a terrifying nightmare about a succession of secret home-invasion videotapes with a noir-ish tale of intrigue about a mechanic who falls for a troublesome dame with connections to a savage crime lord.

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