Those Three Things Are What We Are Focused On, Explains Lambrecht.

The final thing is we want to use the stability of the stock to raise money, and we are currently raising money – and doing quite well at it – which is going to help with the acquisitions. Those three things are what we are focused on,” explains Lambrecht. As a testament to this strategy, SinglePoint recently acquired a stake in Convectium ( ), a profitable California-based provider of equipment, branding, and packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. “Convectium [has] come up with a machine that loads the vials for the vape pipes and other things. Previously this was all done by hand. They have developed a machine in China that loads 100 at a time. They are selling Green Rush these machines to growers and dispensaries…we’re very excited about the opportunity and acquisition of them,” concludes Lambrecht. About SinglePoint, Inc. SinglePoint, Inc.

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