This Is A Witch Hunt. Stone’s Life In National Politics Dates To His Days As A Dirty-trickster For President Richard Nixon.

Trump appeared to attack Rosenstein in a furious tweet on Friday morning. Stone, speaking at a marijuana industry conference in New York, said they should both be gone. “I’d fire Mueller and Rosenstein for wasting the taxpayers’ money,” Stone said. “This is a witch hunt.” Stone’s life in national politics dates to his days as a dirty-trickster for President Richard Nixon. More recently, he was an adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign. He himself has been named in marijuana the Russia investigations, including as a possible link between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. On Friday, he insisted there was no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. And he said he was willing to testify “if they would let me testify in public. I would like to testify in public.” CNNMoney spoke to Stone at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, a marijuana industry conference where he was a keynote speaker, preaching pro-legalization views to a receptive audience.

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