These Revenues Will Have A Meaningful Impact On State Programs And Provide Governors With Much Needed Breathing Room In Their Budgets. 22nd Century Group Inc.

AXIM, -9.12% GW Pharmaceuticals GWPH, -0.04% Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc. ZYNE, -0.30% Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. CRBP, -11.67% New Frontier Data, CEO, Giadha Aguirre De Carcer said: “During this tough economy, states are looking for any way to close their budget shortfalls and it appears that cannabis may hold an answer for them. New Frontier Data looked at the potential revenues that could be generated from state cannabis taxes and found that in this year alone, states could raise nearly $750 million and triple that number by 2020. These revenues will have a meaningful impact on state programs and provide governors with much needed breathing room in their budgets.” 22nd Century Group Inc. XXII, +4.17% is a plant biotechnology company focused on technology which allows it to increase or decrease the level of nicotine in tobacco plants and the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants through genetic engineering and plant breeding.On March 23 [rd] , 22nd Century Group announced that, “today that the Company’s research collaboration with Green Rush strategic partner Anandia Laboratories, Inc. in Vancouver, Canada, has resulted in new industrial hemp plants that have zero tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive constituent in cannabis. Cannabis sativa (marijuana, hemp) has been used for millennia as a source of fiber, food (oil and protein), medicine and as a recreational psychoactive drug. Drug type cannabis (marijuana) that is typically used for medical and recreational purposes contains high levels of THC and is defined as a Schedule 1 narcotic by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Accordingly, the presence of THC in industrial hemp is one of the biggest challenges facing the industrial hemp industry. Hemp crops are tested for THC levels; under U.S.

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