These Projections Do Not Include Assumptions For Additional States, Which May Come Into The Picture Before 2025.

The medical cannabis market is projected to grow at 12% CAGR through 2025, or growing from $4.7 billion in 2016, to an estimated $13.3 billion in 2025. These projections do not include assumptions for additional states, which may come into the picture before 2025., Inc. (OTC: CIIX), MassRoots Inc. (OTC: MSRT), 22nd Century Group Inc. (NYSE: XXII), United Cannabis Corporation (OTC: CNAB), CV Sciences Inc. (OTC: CVSI) New Frontier CEO & Founder Giadha Aguirre De Carcer pointed out the work that was done in Washington State in their approach towards the legal cannabis market, and the possible similar achievements of other states in the Medical marijuana stocks future. “We applaud, in particular, the work of Washington state which has set the gold standard in transparency by making all the data collected by its seed-to-sale system publicly available. This level of transparency is enormously valuable as it enables all stakeholders across the industry, including operators, investors, regulators and policymakers to have a quantifiable view into this highly dynamic industry,” said Giadha Aguirre De Carcer., Inc.

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