There Are Only Five Manufacturing Facilities in The Entire State And 20 Licensed Dispensaries.

In upstate New York, there are 1,000 patients certified, but most of them are receiving the medicine they need. Nurse practitioners are now allowed to certify patients, which should alleviate some of the burden. Another significant barrier is access. There are only five manufacturing facilities in the entire state and 20 licensed dispensaries. Medical marijuana In January, there were roughly 13,000 medical marijuana cardholders in the state. With chronic pain added to the list in March, more than 3,000 new patients have been added. Menstrual cramps added to the list of qualifying conditions in the spring, that number is certain to skyrocket even more. And post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will most likely be added to the list this summer, creating even more patients. New York has roughly one dispensary for every 975,000 people. Arizona, meanwhile, has one dispensary for every 75,000 people. Maryland has one for every 60,000. On top of all these hassles, there is a cost.

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