There Are Limitations On The Quantity And Form Of Drugs Purchased In Some States.

When California rolls outs its recreational market in 2018, the state will impose a 15% tax on sales of the drug, but only non-medical users will have to pay it. View photos (David Ramos/Getty) It’s potentially more expensive, but recreational weed has fewer logistical challenges for users. In states where medical marijuana is legal, patients get a letter of recommendation from their doctor to use and carry small amounts of the drug. Eligibility varies dramatically by state. In New Jersey, patients may qualify if they suffer from a debilitating or life-threatening disease, such as cancer, epilepsy, or multiple sclerosis. Meanwhile, Californians can get a recommendation via an app . Their Green Rush medicine is sold in retailers registered with the state. There are limitations on the quantity and form of drugs purchased in some states. New York and Minnesota have two of the strictest medical marijuana programs in the nation, and allow patients to buy a 30-day supply of “non-smokable” marijuana, such as gel capsules or oils.

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