“the Time Is Now For Congress To Pass Legislation To Protect Patients, Providers, And Veterans.” “a Permanent Solution To The Federal And State Conflict Is Desperately Needed For Both Patients And The Economy,” Said Steph Sherer, Executive Director Of Americans For Safe Access.

None of the dozens of pharmaceuticals ever provided her much relief. We started using CBD oil and after using it for a few months Morgan successfully went over 2 months seizure free,” said Kate Hintz of New York, who spoke at the press conference and whose daughter uses medical cannabis to treat a rare form of epilepsy. “The sponsors marijuana of this bill have been so compelled by these kinds of stories that they chose to speak out and represent our rights here in Washington. I cannot express how much their support means to our family.” “The CARERS Act would protect patients like me,” said 17 year-old Jennifer Collins of Fairfax, Virginia, who spoke at the press conference introducing the bill. Jennifer uses medical cannabis to treat her epilepsy. “Medical cannabis has reduced my absence seizures, eliminated my grand mal seizures, and enabled me to be almost completely off the pharmaceuticals that made me suffer so many horrible side-effects. It gave me my life back.” “Current law means that even though my family and I live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, my twins’ pediatrician can’t discuss what kind or how much they should take,” said Shannon Moore, of Maryland, who spoke at the press conference and whose young twins use medical marijuana to treat a rare and severe genetic disorder. “It also means research is suppressed on this medicine despite what we know about its medical benefits. The CARERS Act would help fix our broken marijuana laws and provide families like mine much-needed relief.” “As medical marijuana comes under attack from Jeff Sessions, this legislation is more essential than ever,” said Michael Collins, Deputy Director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “The time is now for Congress to pass legislation to protect patients, providers, and veterans.” “A permanent solution to the federal and state conflict is desperately needed for both patients and the economy,” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access. “If state rights are not protected, over two million patients could be left with only the illicit market to find their medicine.

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