The Study Was Conducted By Dr.

Naturally Splendid received the results from the dog food study on Feb.6th, 2017. The study was conducted by Dr. Xiangfeng Meng and her team at the Food Science and Technology Centre, a branch of the Food and Bio-Processing branch at the Alberta Agriculture. Through this study, Naturally Splendid’s proprietary encapsulation process, has now been proven to protect the omegas, minerals and vitamins naturally expressed in hempseed oil through the manufacturing process. By protecting the nutritional profile of the hemp oil, Naturally Splendid is developing a competitive advantage over the current methodology and techniques for adding omega nutrition to canine food formulations. Naturally Splendid CEO Dave Eto states, “The objective of this study was Marijuana Stocks to confirm that our proprietary technology used to manufacture HempOmega would allow for this omega rich ingredient to be added to canine foods thus; creating a competitive advantage for Naturally Splendid over existing omega ingredients for this sector. The results from this study have confirmed that our omega formulation technology can be used to infuse canine foods.” Naturally Splendid President Mr. J. Craig Goodwin reports, “While waiting for the written report from this study, Naturally Splendid has been proactive in identifying potential clients for this unique omega ingredient in a range of canine food applications. We are already in an advanced stage of discussions with a significant North American canine food processor for inclusion into their line of canine foods as well as to collaborate on further development and applications of HempOmega.

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