The Poll Also Found That 93% Of Voterssupport Allowing The Use Of Marijuana For Medical Purposes And 59%supportmaking It Legal For All Purposes.

The next day, the first full day of trading following the comments,it got worse:92%of the stocks dropped, said Viridian, which provides financial and data-analysis to the cannabis industry. Those stocks have now largely recovered, said Viridians president, Scott Greiper: I think the industry is very comfortable operating in a harsh, uncertain environment. Its just what were used to. Viridian tracks the movement of 50 publicly traded cannabis companies that are either worth more than $10,000 each or see trading volume of $20,000 daily. Decriminalizing marijuana has widespread support. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, the District of Columbia and California voters have all approved laws allowing adults to grow and possess small amounts of recreational pot, though not every state has a functioning marketplace. And a Quinnipiac University poll released last month found 71% of Americans would oppose efforts to enforce federal marijuana laws in those eight states. The poll also found that 93% of voterssupport allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes and 59%supportmaking it legal for all Medical marijuana purposes. Congress has prohibited the Justice Department from interfering with states medical marijuana programs, but has remained silent about recreational marijuana. Many marijuana businesses had hoped Trump would at least maintain the Obama-era attitude, if not relax restrictions even further in a nod tostates rights, job creation, personal liberty. Trump on thecampaign trail saidhed respect state laws that permitrecreational pot.

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