The Package, Approved Last Year By The State Public Service Commission, Is Unique In That It Will Benefit A Single Company, Exelon, That Now Operates All Four Reactors One Outside Rochester, The Other Three Near Oswego On The Shores Of Lake Ontario.

Now, House leaders have a tough job to do: selling the plan to conservative Republicans. (CNN, NYT, WP) A state Assembly hearing examined the subsidy package designed to keep four upstate reactors operating. The package, approved last year by the state Public Service Commission, is unique in that it will benefit a single company, Exelon, that now operates all four reactors one outside Rochester, the other three near Oswego on the shores of Lake Ontario. (TU) The state plans to install 450 new charging stations for electric cars across the state, Cuomos office announced Monday. (TU) School districts across the state are proposing an average 1.82 Green Rush percent property tax increase for the 2017-18 school year, according to the state association of School Business Officials. (CapCon) Surprise! Tech companies and online sellers arent happy with Cuomos plan to collect sales tax from online transactions. (DN) New York states high school graduation rate has crept up steadily over the last several years, to its all-time high of 79 percent last year. Butthe gender gap has barely budged, with girls maintining at least a 7-point edge over boys.

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