The Governor Signed A Bill Creating Special Tax Incentives For New York City Alcohol Producers.

Cuomo Opposes Legal Weed While Helping His Alcohol Industry Donors Many drug reform groups have made such a comparison central to their campaigns for legalization, and it has been echoed by President Obama. The growing evidence that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, however, has not stopped Cuomo from aggressively promoting alcohol even as he now voices concern about the safety of marijuana. The governor signed a bill creating special tax incentives for New York City alcohol producers. He has held a series of public summits to tout the production and consumption of alcohol in his state and signed legislation that his office boasted would help expand recreational production of beer, wine and cider in New York State. Cuomo ispushing lawmakers to approve a measure that would allow movie theaters to facilitate and promote alcohol consumption at all of their locations throughout the state. The alcohol industry has been among the key opponents of marijuana legalization measures, with some major alcohol industry players explicitly saying in corporate filings that they fear recreational cannabis will cut into their profits. The industry is also a major financial backer of Cuomos political career. Hiselection campaigns have drawn more than $900,000 from alcohol-linked donors, according to data compiled by the National Institute on Money In State Politics. Cuomo’sNew York State Democratic Party has pulled in another $200,000 from such donors since Marijuana Stocks 2010. While Cuomo joins neighboring New Jersey Gov.

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