The Duo Made Headlines And Did A Lot To Help Educate Event Participants.

Senator Savino spent time preaching the merits of medical cannabis at the event alongside retired NFL player Marvin Washington, who also spoke at the event. The duo made headlines and did a lot to help educate event participants. Reverend Al Sharpton also delivered a keynote address at the CWCB Expo, and had the soundbite of the event. “”We will not allow our people to be locked UP from the drug war AND locked OUT of the industry.” said Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton has made comments about opposing cannabis in the past, citing his upbringing Marijuana Stocks in the church, but he has recognized that cannabis prohibition has a disproportionate impact on the African American community, and that it is time for a change. Al Sharpton’s message at the event was that there needs to be more diversity in the cannabis industry, which is something that I absolutely agree with. Arguably the biggest news to come out of the event was the announcement of a new organization by another keynote speaker, political strategist Roger Stone. The organization is called the United States Cannabis Coalition. The main goal of the organization appears to be to convince United States President Donald Trump to end federal cannabis prohibition.

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