The Dozens Of Companies In Regulatory Filings That Mention Gottbetters Name Generally Show The Same Pattern: A Long-dormant Stock Spikes, Then Drops Toward Zero.

A regular on the Manhattan charity circuit, with a $12million condo on the Upper East Side and an office on Madison Avenue, Gottbetter was by all appearances a Wall Street aristocrat. He favored tailored suits and kept Medical marijuana his curly hair slicked back, flew to the Hamptons on private jets, and played in a dad band at fundraisers for the elite all-girls Spence School. Gottbetter pitched himself as an expert at taking small companies public, but the FBI suspected that he actually specialized in arranging crooked stock deals. The dozens of companies in regulatory filings that mention Gottbetters name generally show the same pattern: A long-dormant stock spikes, then drops toward zero. By my calculations, during the time Gottbetter was listed in the filings, the companies peak market value was $5billion more than their collective worth now. The FBI had identified this pattern, but it needed Gentile to nail Gottbetter. The pair had worked together on the natural gas play starting in 2007. The agents wanted Gentile to get back in touch with Gottbetter and coax him into saying on tape that hed committed a crime. After the talk at the diner, Gentile spent the night in jail. The next day he and his lawyer sat down with an assistant U.S. attorney for New Jersey.

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