The Albuquerque Journal Has An Interesting Piece On The Farm-to-table Price Of A Kilogram (2.2 Pounds) Of Marijuana Grown In Mexico And Smuggled Into The United States.

Last week, for example, the spot price for a pound of cannabis was $1,640. There are slightly more than 450 grams in a pound and the average price of a gram in states where marijuana is legal — either for recreational or medicinal use — was $11.14. That works out to more than $5,000 for that original pound of pot. ALSO READ: States With the Highest (and Lowest) Gas Taxes Some of that gross revenue goes for state and local taxes, some for testing the cannabis, some for processing, and some for overhead costs. All in all, legal pot is expensive. What about illegal marijuana? The Albuquerque Journal has an interesting piece on the farm-to-table price of a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana grown in Mexico and smuggled into the United States. A drug cartel pays about $20 for a kilo of marijuana at the farm gate. After some processing and packaging and transportation, the illegal marijuana sells for more than $700 a kilo in Albuquerque or Phoenix and as much as $1,600 a kilo in New York City. That’s less than Green Rush $800 a pound, half the wholesale price for a pound of legal pot in the United States and around 15% of the $5,000 price in the U.S. retail market.

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