Some Cannabinoids Are Prodrugs That Must Be Converted Into Their Cancer-killing Form.

Some cannabinoids are prodrugs that must be converted into their cancer-killing form. These prodrugs will be used with the Cell-in-a-Box technology in ways that optimize their anticancer properties while minimizing or even eliminating adverse side effects that normally occur with chemotherapy to treat cancer. PharmaCyte says that it plans to focus initially on developing specific therapies based on carefully chosen cannabinoid molecules rather than using complex Cannabis extracts. The company believes an understanding Medical marijuana of the chemical and biochemical processes involved in the interaction of substances derived from Cannabis with live-cell encapsulation will provide the opportunity to develop targeted “green” approaches to treating cancers, such as pancreatic, brain, breast and prostate, among others. PharmaCyte entered into a Research Agreement with the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). The goal of the ongoing research at UNC is to develop methods for the identification, separation and quantification of cannabinoids (which will act like prodrugs) that the company says may be used in combination with its Cell-in-a-Box technology to treat various diseases, beginning with brain and pancreatic cancers. Initial studies were undertaken at UNC on behalf of PharmaCyte using “cannabinoid-like” model compounds to identify the appropriate cell type that can convert the selected cannabinoid prodrugs into metabolites with anticancer activity. UNC is now working with cannabinoid prodrugs from Cannabis to identify the appropriate cell type for the same purpose. Once identified, the genetically modified cells that will produce the appropriate enzyme to convert the cannabinoid prodrugs will be encapsulated using PharmaCyte’s Cell-in-a-Box technology. The encapsulated cells and cannabinoid prodrugs identified by these studies will then be combined and used for future studies to evaluate their anticancer effectiveness.

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