given a pat on the back of Aurora
Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB)
for its decision to focus on the legal hemp-derived
CBD in the US. The company has already established its name in the sports
market of the US.

Aurora Cannabis enters a pact with UFC

Aurora Cannabis has already signed an
accord with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to advance clinical research
on athlete wellness and recovery and hemp-derived cannabidiol products. It is a
multi-year, exclusive, and multi-million dollar partnership. This pact helps to
expedite the development of CBD products and focus on education. UFC broadcasts
its program to more than 170 nations worldwide. It commands viewership of 300
million. More than 1 billion households watch programmes in 40 different

Aurora plans to use CBD to treat
sports-related pains and helps quick recovery. On the other hand, PURA focuses
on sports nutrition market with its EVERx CBD Sports Water. The brand worked
with Cee Jay Hamilton and Juliana Penna, prominent fighters of the UFC. PURA
has an exclusive license to the patented cannabis extraction process of
Kali-Extracts. Further, it also gets access to R&D on various applications
of CBD. The company has participated in Arnold Sports Festival to market its
EVERx CBD Sports water worldwide.

PURA will launch a campaign this week
in Barcelona, Spain to market its EVERx CBD products in Europe. The company
views the strategy of Aurora Cannabis as the validation of its long term

PURA plans $4 million worth CBD

The production of CBD Beverages at the
facility of PURA exceeded $1 million in 2018. PURA has already produced more
than $1 million worth CBD in H1 of 2019. The company plans to manufacture CBD
beverages worth $4 million in 2019.

According to Goldman Small Cap
Research, investors indulged in the speculative buy of PURA and set a target of
$0.25 PPS. It is on the background of the announcement of market survey results
of CBD infused beverages and the expansion plans of these beverages. PURA is
poised in the market with its CBD beverages. It is on the proposed expansion of
CBD Infused tea that has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.