Police Are Trying To Figure Out Whether They Should Put Any Stock In His Statements, Fearing He Might Be Suffering From Psychological Problems.

Blood tests are underway to check for the presence of synthetic marijuana or PCP among other substances. Rojas, who is a notary, was taken into custody shortly Medical marijuana after the crash, which happened just before noon. Watch raw video showing the driver of a car that hit nearly two dozen people in Times Square. Police said he had driven the wrong way at a high rate of speed up Seventh Avenue at 42nd Street on the sidewalk for three blocks. RELATED: Times Square witness says vehicle was ‘like bowling, hitting people’ His vehicle was stopped by a metal stanchion at West 45th Street. Police said Rojas attempted to flee but was he detained by officers and civilians who apprehended the driver. Investigators found materials that indicated Rojas has an interest in Scientology and made comments to police that indicated he thought the end of the world was coming. Police are trying to figure out whether they should put any stock in his statements, fearing he might be suffering from psychological problems. PHOTOS: Car plows into crowd in Times Square Rojas, who is a notary, is a Naval veteran, serving from 2011 to 2014. He has two prior arrests for driving while intoxicated, in Queens and Manhattan. In one of Rojas’ two previous DWI arrests, he was allegedly going 90 mph in a 50 mph zone.

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