One Requirement Alone Could Severely Curtail The Initial Influx Of Patients In The Program: A Registry For Participating Nurses And Doctors.

So those seeking to profit from medical marijuana, and the towns looking for the tax revenue, will be pulling from the stressed bank Marijuana Stocks accounts of the seriously ill. They may be sorely disappointed. Prospective applicants may not fully understand the heavily restrictive provisions within Pennsylvanias cannabis law. One requirement alone could severely curtail the initial influx of patients in the program: A registry for participating nurses and doctors. New Jersey uses a registration system for patients and medical personnel thats very different from, say, Michigan. Michigan doctors, for example, do not have to register to prescribe marijunana. However, a doctor in New Jersey is not allowed to recommend cannabis therapy unless he or she has registered. That’s why there are more than 100,000 registered patients in Michigan and only about 10,000 in New Jersey. As for patients, they can’t get even apply to the NJ program without paying an approved doctor.

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