Not All Terpenes Are Made Equal: Knowing the Difference

Not All Terpenes Are Made Equal: Knowing the Difference

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that help make up the smell found in the essential oils of certain plants like cannabis. Ten years ago, the word meant nothing to the average cannabis consumer. Now, it is one of the most cherished aspects of the plant. In fact, a study on terpenes showed that the smell of a strain influenced people’s perception of the value and potency when compared to others.

Additional research has suggested they work with cannabinoids to alter effects. Since then, isolated terpenes became a popular product that could be sold to concentrate consumers to mix with their own dabs or vape makers to add flavor and act as a cutting agent in cartridges. They are also used to reintroduced terpenes in products that may have lost them during the growing, curing, drying, or extraction process. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the various forms of extracted terpenes.

Terpene Profiling

Many connoisseurs can use their nose to interpret terpenes. There are strains that smell earthy, citrusy, creamy, floral, gassy, and more. The various terpenes in the strain are what gives it a unique smell and flavor. There are more than two hundred different known terpenes in cannabis. Most of the terpenes found in cannabis are also found in other plants; as a result, not all terpenes on the market are derived from cannabis.

Some strains have unique shapes and colors but most have a unique terpene profile. Products with slim to no flavor like distillates or THCa crystalline can be enhanced with the addition of various terpene products.

Food Grade Terpenes

According to thousands of years of cannabis smoking, the terpenes that naturally occur in cannabis seemed safe enough to inhale. On the other hand, humans haven’t been known to consume food grade terpenes via inhalation. Food grade terpenes are derived from plants other than cannabis. It’s worth noting that just because something is safe to consume in food doesn’t mean it is safe to vaporize. Food grade terpenes may contain more than pure terpenes as long as it is safe to use in food. There is no research on the safety considerations of vaporizing food grade terpenes.

Moreover, the level of terpenes in the natural cannabis plant almost never exceeds four percent. As a result, we don’t know the effects of higher concentrations of terpenes on humans. Cannabis consumers using food grade terpenes to enhance the terpene profile of their extracts may be tipping the natural balance of terpenes found in cannabis.

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