Nia Gill, Who’s Worried About One Provision In The Bill.  Lirr Fares Expected To Be Reduced During Penn Station Work “i Do Believe In Legalization,” She Said.

Sheri Rosen. “You’re sending the wrong message by legalizing,” she said. “You’re saying that it’s OK, and there’s no harm. People are going to get mixed messages.” From Democrats, the most serious dissent coming from Sen. Nia Gill, who’s worried about one provision in the bill.  LIRR Fares Expected to Be Reduced During Penn Station Work “I do believe in legalization,” she said. “But not at the expense of criminalizing young black and Latino youth.” Recreational marijuana already legal on a state level in eight states and the District of Columbia, Colorado’s experience as one of the first is a model of sorts for New Jersey. The support is there for Senate President Steve Sweeney. “I’m not 100 percent with you on this,” Sweeney said. “I’m 1,000 percent.” The democratic candidate for governor, Phil Murphy, is already on record in favor of legalization. The goal Green Rush of the hearing is not to pass this year, but early next year if he wins.

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