Mounting Terror Threats Worldwide And The Increasing Cost Of Paying His Existing Agents Overtime Have Put Enormous Pressure On The Director To Expand His Workforce.

secret-service-marijuana Alles explained that while his agents are “very dedicated,” they just don’t have the numbers to sustain the amount of protection they must provide around the world. Mounting terror threats worldwide and the increasing cost of paying his existing agents overtime have put enormous pressure on the Director to expand his workforce. “We need more people. The mission has changed,” explained Director Alles. Previously, any candidate who admitted to using marijuana more than a couple of times when they were younger was disqualified from the hiring process. Now, after the policy was officially changed sometime in the last month, the Secret Service will employ a “whole-person” hiring process. The shift is an acceptance on behalf of the agency that cannabis use is ubiquitous in today’s society and will allow them to open their doors to a far wider range of younger applicants. Under the new policy, even if the candidate admits to using the drug, only the amount of time in between their most recent admitted use and their application filing will be analyzed as part of the selection process in addition to traditional vetting methods like a polygraph Green Rush and credit check. Some of the added strain on the Secret Service can be traced back to January when President Trump took over for Barack Obama.

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