Let them smoke weed, New York pol says

tate Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, D-Manhattan, took another step forward this week in his crusade to open up the constricted medical-marijuana industry, which the state launched in January, to new players and a broader patient base. And he even wants to let people smoke the plant. As the law currently stands, cannabis can be consumed only in vapors, pills or other nonsmokable forms, which drives some patients away.

Gottfried has been championing legal medical marijuana since he first introduced the Compassionate Care Act in 1997, but was less than pleased with the number of concessions that had to be made for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign it into law in July 2014. The assemblyman introduced four bills Thursday, the latest in his ongoing rollout of seven proposed reforms.

The bills would authorize nurse practitioners and physician assistants to recommend marijuana, in addition to doctors (A.9510); eliminate the rule that cannabis dispensaries have to be run by the same companies that grow and manufacture the products sold (A.9507); allow the use of cannabis for severe or chronic pain (A.9514); and allow patients to smoke cannabis, except in places where tobacco smoke is not allowed (A.9517).

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