Jeff Sessions To Respect The Wishes Of The Citizens And Elected Officials Of 29 States And Allow Carefully Regulated And Closely Monitored Medical Cannabis Programs To Continue Without Undue Interference From The Federal Government. Despite The Growing Number Of States Allowing Some Type Of Marijuana Use, The Drug Remains Illegal At The Federal Level.

pol pens plea asking Trump to prevent feds from torching state’s medical marijuana program N.Y. pol asks Trump not to interfere with state’s medical pot NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, January 26, 2017, 4:00 AM ALBANY – The lead state Senate sponsor of New York’s medical marijuana law has written to President Trump asking that the feds allow such state programs to continue. Sen. Diane Savino (D-Staten Island) wrote to Trump on Dec. 9 when he was President-elect encouraging him to direct his Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions “to respect the wishes of the citizens and elected officials of 29 states and allow carefully regulated and closely monitored medical cannabis programs to continue without undue interference from the federal government.” Despite the growing number of states allowing some type of marijuana use, the drug remains illegal at the federal level. Sessions, an Alabama Republican, opposes marijuana legalization and last year told a Senate hearing that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Medical marijuana stocks Savino asked Trump to keep the current Justice Department policy that has U.S. attorneys focus on the black market for marijuana that results in drug trafficking, the sale to minors, or diversion to states where pot is not legal rather than go after legally-enacted state programs. N.Y. medical marijuana company to roll out home delivery service She said New York’s medical marijuana law “created a tightly regulated and strong model that takes very step possible to prevent any diversion or recreational use of medical cannabis.” Only patients with specifically defined illnesses and who are certified by their health care professionals and the state Department of Health can access the program.

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