It’s Unfortunate We’re Going To Have To Wait A Year To Do That, But I’m Open To Any Path That Allows These Kids To Stay In School For The Full Day, Blake Said.

Meet the families fighting to legalize medical marijuana in their kids Marijuana was rated the most effective pain reliever, though admittedly less than 5% of study participants reported using the drug for pain management. In Washington, Blake is determined to get the legislation through state legislature. “It’s unfortunate we’re going to have to wait a year to do that, but I’m open to any Marijuana Stocks path that allows these kids to stay in school for the full day,” Blake said. Barclay is in it for the long haul, determined to keep fighting for the rights of students, like River, who depend on medical marijuana for their well-being. “I consider myself the adoptive parents of those kids to get their quality of life as good as possible,” he said, adding that he already has “other things planned after this passes.” That was also the case for Stacey Linn, the fiercely determined mom who helped bring medical marijuana to schools in Colorado . Her son Jack used the compound cannabinol, or CBN, to manage his cerebral palsy with severe dystonia — involuntary muscle contractions that caused his body to become distorted. Countless parents of kids who use medical marijuana have thanked Linn, saying their youngsters can finally go to school now. “Some of them weren’t even able to go to school before marijuana,” Linn said in a phone call Tuesday. “Now that they can — and they can do it without hassle — it’s a good deal.” Jack died in August. Now Linn is carrying on his legacy, working to create a state marijuana database that doesn’t just focus on prevention among teens, but also educates about the properties of medical marijuana.

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