In The Interview, Hickenlooper And Todd Also Discussed The Election Of Tom Perez As New Chairman Of The Democratic National Committee, As Well As President Donald Trumps First Month In Office.

Its become one of the great social experiments of our time. Todd then asked Hickenlooper if his stance on recreational marijuana had changed since the programs implementation. Im getting close. I mean, I dont think Im quite there yet, but Medical marijuana we have made a lot of progress, Hickenlooper said. He pointed to a recent report on health and marijuana commissioned by the state , which showed that many of the worries relating to the program, such as teen use and use while driving, may be allayed from data from the first two years of the legal recreational industry. We didnt see a spike in teenage use. If anything, its come down in the last year, and were getting anecdotal reports of less drug dealers, Hickenlooper said. If you get rid of that black market, youve got tax revenues to deal with, the addictions, and some of the unintended consequences of legalized marijuana, maybe this system is better than what was admittedly a pretty bad system to begin with. In the interview, Hickenlooper and Todd also discussed the election of Tom Perez as new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as well as President Donald Trumps first month in office. Hickenlooper says Perez is a constructive person who brings a big, broad background to the job, and who as labor secretary did more to think about how do we reeducate people for the next generation of jobs than just about anybody. He conceded that the Democratic party is at a bit of a crossroads as it elects Perez, amid a heavy anti-Trump faction in the Senate led by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. But he said that those Democrats frothing in an anti-Trump mentality had to remember the past.

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