I’m Praying This State Will Allow Me To Be Treated Legally For Me To Live Using A Plant That God Made, He Said.

Then he started vaping marijuana, which he says allows him to control the amount of CBD and THC he receives. “I’m praying this state will allow me to be treated legally for me to live” using Marijuana Stocks “a plant that God made,” he said. Republican Rep. Jonathon Hill said he signed onto the bill after hearing Davis’ story over dinner at his home. “He is living, walking proof that there can be some very real benefits,” he said. A bill allowing people with a debilitating medical condition, or their adult caregivers, to legally possess 2 ounces (57 grams) of marijuana advanced last month to the House’s full medical committee. Its Republican backers tout the bill’s “seed-to-sale tracking” as guarding against recreational use. A Senate subcommittee is considering an identical bill. “We shouldn’t be forcing a choice between breaking the law or not taking care of members of your family,” said Republican Rep. Bill Herbkersman. Marijuana was the only thing that gave his brother an appetite and kept the pain at bay before he died of skin cancer in 2011, Herbkersman said.

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