Illegal cultivation

Illegal cultivation

Chicago mayor floats recreational marijuana idea for minorities

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is pushing a social equity program in which the city would use up to $15 million in seed money to grow its own recreational marijuana in a “cooperative cultivation center.”  Under the proposal, minorities could invest in the co-op with either a small amount of cash or sweat equity, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. Democratic Gov. J.B. also showed support for the idea, according to the newspaper. Adult-use marijuana sales begin in Illinois on Jan. 1.

First lab applies for Maine recreational cannabis testing license

Nelson Analytics became the first lab in Maine to apply for a certification to test adult-use marijuana in the state. Testing for pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents likely won’t begin until Maine’s recreational marijuana market has been up and running for a year, according to state officials. Three more labs are expected to apply for lab testing licenses before adult-use sales begin in March, according to the Portland Press Herald. In addition to the lab application, according to the newspaper, the state has received 76 rec marijuana business license applications – 38 for retail stores, 27 for cultivation facilities and 11 for manufacturing operations.

– Associated Press

California firm charged with illegal marijuana grow

A California agency filed a lawsuit against Lowell Herb, alleging the Los Angeles-based company processed marijuana without a license in the state’s San Luis Obispo between December 2018 and March 2019. The California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife seized roughly 17,772 pre-rolls, 7,162 jars of marijuana flower and more than 1,400 pounds of cannabis product. The suit claims the illegal operation helps the illicit marijuana market and harms licensed cannabis companies.

Most cannabis insurance claims involve theft

Roughly 90% of cannabis insurance claims involve theft, according to Gerrit Nagarwalla, a claims supervisor at London-based Canopius Group. He also suspects much of the thefts involve “some element of inside information,” he told Insurance Business magazine. Nagarwalla noted that cannabis workers are working with “millions of dollars’ worth of products” yet are being paid $15 or $20 per hour.

New Jersey residents to vote on adult-use marijuana next year

In a historic vote, a supermajority of New Jersey lawmakers passed a proposed ballot question on Monday to legalize recreational marijuana, putting the referendum before voters on the 2020 ballot. The Democrat-led Assembly approved the measure 49-24, with one abstention, while the Senate passed the question 24-16. The measure doesn’t need the approval of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, although he is an advocate of legalizing adult-use marijuana. The larger-than-three-fifths majorities in both chambers ensures the question will be put to voters by 2020. Had only a simple majority of both houses passed the question, then lawmakers would have been required to hold a second vote in the new session, which starts Jan. 14.

– Jeff Smith and Associated Press

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