I’d Gone In For A Pelvic Exam Because Something Felt Wrong; At The Follow-up Appointment, When My Test Results Were All Negative And My Answers To Her Hundred Questions About The Post-traumatic Stress Disorder I Was In Treatment For Were All Related To Sexual Threats And Reporting On Sexual Violence, She Said My Genitals Were Just Fucking Bummed Out.

And so in a way, we’re isolated from all the wisdom and knowledge in the underground community.” That vast, uncollected experience contains details about Medical marijuana the medicines’ potential and pitfalls, challenges and inconsistencies the variety of ways psychedelics might wholly, drastically change a life. “I’m very interested to learn,” Guss says, “what underground psychedelic psychotherapists have to teach us.” Related Beatles’ Acid Test: How LSD Opened the Door to ‘Revolver’ Psychedelic drug inspired their masterpiece but also opened wounds that never healed My first introduction to underground psychedelic therapy was when, years ago, a doctor told me my vagina was depressed. I’d gone in for a pelvic exam because something felt wrong; at the follow-up appointment, when my test results were all negative and my answers to her hundred questions about the post-traumatic stress disorder I was in treatment for were all related to sexual threats and reporting on sexual violence, she said my genitals were just fucking bummed out. This was San Francisco, and I did a lot of yoga; but even I rolled my eyes at the idea that my privates had an emotional disorder. I was very intrigued, however, when the doctor said she knew a therapist who could heal years of trauma in one five-hour swoop, so long as I had the secret password. The doctor gave me the number for that therapist who worked with MDMA. I never called. I moved across the country. Years later, I was on vacation on the coast when my husband went out for a run, and I stayed behind and may or may not have contemplated suicide.

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