I Wish We Could Appreciate The Sun, The Soil, The Blessings We Have All Around Us.

An orthodox man, with hand wrapped in tefillin <a href=Medical marijuana prayer accessory, holds a kosher edible.’ /> “It means Garden of God,” Johnson says. “I do think there’s a place in Jewish practice for cannabis. Everything has its sacred purpose at the right time.” So while cannabis has spiritual components, there’s debate whether it should be used to pray. Technically, Judaism says one should have a clear, sober mind during prayer. However, for some cannabis facilitates or enhances their connection to God. “If you ever walk through an outdoor ganja garden, there’s a ‘natural mystic’ blowing through the wind,” says Johnson, who quotes Bob Marley. “I wish we could appreciate the sun, the soil, the blessings we have all around us. Ganja helps us realize this, and that’s God. It opens up some doors of perception that are here.” Cannabis is mentioned multiple times throughout the Torah, or Jewish Bible. For starters, the Hebrew term kaneh-bosem translates to cannabis.

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