I Also Opposed Efforts To Loosen Restrictions On Conducting Studies On The Potential Therapeutic Effects Of Using Marijuana.

Our experience showed us the importance of increasing therapeutic choices in the marketplace for all families — and trusting doctors and patients to figure out what Medical marijuana stocks works best. It flies in the face of current science to classify CBD oil as a Schedule I drug, as the feds did at the end of 2016. Nor does it make sense to draw the line at CBD if some patients and doctors believe the benefits of THC therapeutically outweigh the potential harm. As a lifelong social conservative, my views on marijuana policy may surprise some of you. I used to be a table-pounding crusader for the war on drugs. When I worked in Seattle in the 1990s, I initially opposed efforts to legalize medical marijuana. I also opposed efforts to loosen restrictions on conducting studies on the potential therapeutic effects of using marijuana. But the war on drugs has been a ghastly quagmire — an expensive and selective form of government paternalism that has done far more harm than good. What has this trillion-dollar war wrought?

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