However, A Sniffer Dog Present At The Scene Alerted Federal Agents About Something Unusual In Jose’s Car.

The 24-year-old was arrested earlier in March, but details including Jose’s involvement, emerged on Friday (31 March). Trending: South African high court decriminalises cannabis According to reports, Jose who is a US citizen was held at the border in San Diego when he was trying to cross into the US with a female companion. However, a sniffer dog present at the scene alerted federal agents about something unusual in Jose’s car. When searched, the agents found four men in the boot of his car. All four were Chinese citizens with no legal documents to enter the US. However, after initial interrogation, they admitted Green Rush that they had paid Jose $3,000 to $60,000 (2,390 to 47,830) to be smuggled into the country. Don’t miss: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s alcohol import list includes 33,000 on US spirits Two of them said they were heading to Los Angeles, while other two were going to New York City, a CBS Los Angeles report said. Meanwhile, Jose was granted bail on $15,000 bond while awaiting his arraignment. However, the four Chinese men were placed under an immigration hold while awaiting deportation procedures. Most popular: Saudi general gives crowd the middle finger after dodging citizen’s arrest Jose’s father, Pepe Aguilar, is one of the most popular singers of Mexico, who has won four Grammy awards and four Latin Grammy awards.

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