How To Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor In New York You Can’t, Or At Least, It’s Really Difficult.

You’ll need NuggMD to walk you through the online process of getting your New York state medical marijuana card the quick and easy way, from any internet connected device. How to find a medical marijuana doctor in New York You can’t, or at least, it’s really difficult. Think looking for a tiny needle in a huge haystack, because fewer than 1 percent of licensed New York MDs are registered with the state medical marijuana program, and the list of participating doctors is unpublished. Typically, you’d have to get an informal referral from a friend of a friend, book an appointment, and make you way to the doctor’s office. There, you’d sit in a crowded waiting room of strangers for up to an hour, then see the doctor (who is multi-tasking all the while) for a 5-minute consultation that would leave you even more confused about how to access cannabis than when you walked in. Instead, use NuggMD to help you find a compassionate state-licensed marijuana doctor, get an online video consultation, and register with the New York Marijuana Stocks Medical Marijuana Card program — all from the privacy of your own home on your preferred platform — smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. It’s more effective than a typical office visit because your consulting doctor has access to the online forms you just filled out, so there’s no need to waste time with routine questions. If you’ve ever thought of Googling “ marijuana evaluations near me ” to find a doctor nearby, put that poor idea out of your mind. With NuggMD, your online 420 doctor specializes in marijuana knowledge and can best recommend the specific type of cannabis medicine for your condition.

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