He Was Obviously Unsuccessful, But Also Undeterred.

Mohammed Jaffar allegedly first went to Swifts New York City residence in December, demanding to see the superstar in person. He was obviously unsuccessful, but also undeterred. He reportedly returned to the property four more times in January and February. During one unwelcome instance, Jaffar allegedly somehow made his way to the floor of Swifts penthouse entrance. Surveillance footage also reportedly caught him on the buildings roof. On two other occasions, he is accused of incessantly ringing Swifts doorbell for 45 minutes to an hour. The 29-year-old Jaffar also allegedly contacted Swifts management company repeatedly to set up an introduction with the singer. Court papers indicate he called nearly 60 times in a little over Medical marijuana two weeks. Its unclear how police eventually tracked him down, but Jaffar was arrested on Monday and charged with both stalking and burglary. He is still behind bars, as he hasnt ponied up for a $20,000 bond. Swift has already been granted a restraining order, regardless.

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