He Was Charged With Possession Of Marijuana And Paraphernalia, Since Cannabis Remains Illegal In North Dakota..

Matthew Crane, one of five founding members of VeteransRespond, was pulled over last Friday night when he was arriving to Standing Rock with two other vets and a fourth passenger. The group got lost on a closed road, he said, and they were trying to find officers to get directions. When they encountered police, officers eventually searched the vehicle and their luggage and found Cranes bag of marijuana. He was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, since cannabis remains illegal in North Dakota.. Everyone is trying to slander a service organization, Crane said in an interview on Monday night at the Sacred Stone camp, hours after police blasted his name and charge to the media. It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach that veterans are being attacked. Related: Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists The 33-year-old navy veteran said he has a disability stemming from his service and that the roughly one gram of medical marijuana he had on him came from Washington DC, where cannabis is legal. He lives in New York, where medical cannabis is also legal. Cannabis is a really, really safe and beneficial tool to deal with the PTSD I have. On Thursday, police in Mobridge, South Dakota, arrested two individuals that officials claimed were VeteransRespond members. Sanderson, however, said they were not members, although one of them, Travis Biolette, is now loosely affiliated with the group, which is assisting him in his charges. According to the Morton County news Green Rush alert, South Dakota police performed a traffic stop for a Michigan-plated vehicle and that during the stop, an officer recognized signs of criminal activity. Having an out of state license is not a violation, and its unclear what activity the officer observed.

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