He Admits To Being A Rather Picky Actor, Only Assuming Roles He Felt Personally Attached To.

Charlie Hunnam Home / Charlie Hunnam Grew Marijuana When Meaty Acting Jobs Ran Dry Charlie Hunnam Grew Marijuana When Meaty Acting Jobs Ran Dry The star says his weed-growing days are behind him. Actor Charlie Hunnam is having a moment. The Sons of Anarchy lead and Guillermo del Toro muse is a bona fide star in back-to-back big production films released closely. The first is James Gray’s Lost City of Z, where Hunnam plays an Englishman obsessed with finding purpose through a hidden Amazonian civilization. He also acts as the titular role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur epic. But times weren’t always so fruitful for Hunnam, according to a Medical marijuana stocks recent New York Times profile . He admits to being a rather picky actor, only assuming roles he felt personally attached to. He said his attitude and desire to build a proud body of work for himself led to some rather lean years for the actor. Yes, Hunnam cultivated organic cannabis in his Los Angeles home to provide for himself when the acting jobs he wanted weren’t coming in. Later he would sell the crop to a medical dispensary to earn money. Related Story:  Most Americans Don’t Care If Celebrities Smoke Or Support Marijuana “I can’t believe I’m being this candid,” Hunnam revealed to the NYTimes.

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