Green Organic Dutchman
Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:TGODF)
recently unveiled its Global Strategic Hemp
Division through which it plans to expand its presence into the global organic
CBD and hemp market.

The newly launched Global Strategic Hemp Division will take
advantage of The Green Organic Dutchman’s knowledge of the hemp CBD market in
Europe. This will allow the company to fast-track its growth and also speed up
the production and commercialization of new offerings throughout its network
with the help of its international partners.

“With the global CBD market expected to hit $22 billion in less than 3 years, it is clear that the segment is drawing substantial consumer demand,” stated TGOD CEO, Brian Athaide.

TGOD already has the technical know-how that it needs to
expand in

The CEO also noted in his statement that the company’s team
has years of experience in the CBD sector and that they are excited about using
that experience in the expansion strategy. Athaide also added that CBD is the
ideal product for the company because it aligns with TGOD’s focus on organic
products. The

CEO also believes that now is the ideal time to focus on a
global expansion strategy because CBD is increasingly gaining more popularity
across that world. TGOD has also been building up its business in preparation
for more market share. For example, it acquired HemPoland last year, which
allowed it to gain access to more intellectual property.

The acquisition seems to have paid off because HemPoland’s Q1 2019 revenue
grew by roughly 30% due to the rising demand for top-grade CBD products in the
European region. Meanwhile, the new Global Strategic Hemp Division is a great
addition, especially to TGOD’s international partners. Some of those partners
offer training for standard operating procedures, organic methods and they even
provide genetics and regulatory insights.

TGOD has already secured a distribution agreement through
its partnership with a German pharmaceutical called Mediakos through HemPoland.
TGOD also plans to leverage its existing partnerships as part of its plan to
venture into the U.S CBD market. Meanwhile, the company already has a Canadian
subsidiary whose operations in the country are licensed by Health Canada.