Floridians Make Big Distinctions Between West Coasts And East Coasts, And The Panhandle And South Florida.

Some retirees support partners suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or from a condition leaving them unable to decide for themselves. Where they don’t make their own spending decisions, the choices are left to children and caregivers. That can make targeted marketing difficult without some access to mailing lists or survey results. Locate Market: The first market for sales in Florida consists of the cities, counties and communities known to harbor large numbers of retirees. Despite the image, Florida doesn’t house retirees throughout the state. Floridians make big distinctions between west coasts and east coasts, and the Panhandle and South Florida. Population demographics will key marketers to those geographical regions. But, don’t forget that residents in Canada, New York and other northern climates are home to snowbirds and future Florida residents. Medical marijuana may be a very real attraction to people planning retirement. Why Cannabis Use Among Seniors is Increasing https://t.co/qCNeeWDNSD Related:  Congressional Cannabis Caucus Unites to Protect Marijuana Industry Reach the market: Seniors respond to some approaches more than others. They’re used to large type direct mail approaches. Marijuana Stocks They watch more television and listen to more radio than other market segments.

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