First And Foremost, We Need Those People To Be Safe, She Said.

fus_women_1 She says it made $10 million in revenue last year. Gehring is happy about the earnings, but it also means she needs to hire an armed Green Rush guard to escort her staffers when its time to pay taxes (the federal government has no problem taking the money, by the way). First and foremost, we need those people to be safe, she said. Gehring addresses the crowd. The gathering is also a chance for the industrys more established leaders, like Gehring, to help school younger entrants on the how to get things done in Washington. Hillary Peckham, a 23-year-old recent college graduate from New York, falls into the latter category. Her family business, Peckham Industries, sells road construction materials, but her mom came up with a project for Hillary and her sister, who also just graduated college. She suggested they take the familys unused, industrial-zoned land (apparently they have lots of it) and use it to grow medical pot. Both of us are really passionate about this industry and we wanted to do something as ladies, she said.

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