Even Though He Opposed The States Ballot Initiative That Legalized Marijuana In 2012, Hickenlooper Said States Have A Sovereignty, Just Like The Indian Tribes To Proceed On Their Own.

And in Colorado, bureaucracy to regulate the industry continues to consume a large percentage of the revenue made. The states governors view the situation much differently. Colorado now puts its pot tax revenues into a fund for Medical marijuana school construction, allowing the state to fix or replace schools. And state lawmakers created a marijuana tax cash fund that distributes revenue to local governments that have allowed retail marijuana sales. Hickenlooper, who was also in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting, went on NBCs Meet the Press Sunday to defend his states marijuana program, calling it one of the great social experiments of our time. Even though he opposed the states ballot initiative that legalized marijuana in 2012, Hickenlooper said states have a sovereignty, just like the Indian tribes to proceed on their own. We didnt see a spike in teenage use, he said. If anything, it came down in the last year. And were getting anecdotal reports of less drug dealers. Inslee, who also opposed his states legalization initiative, is fully on board now, saying he will be diligent in protecting the publics will. As the co-chairman of the National Governors Association Education and Workforce Committee, Inslee helped open the winter meeting last Saturday, touting the value of early childhood education. He said some of the pot tax revenue that went into the states general fund could now be used to help pay to educate young kids. Hes hoping those revenues continue to grow, saying voters are more amenable to raising money through pot taxes than through property taxes. And he said it was easier to pitch marijuana these days, with more Republicans and seniors using it, particularly for medicinal reasons.

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