Credit Nathaniel Brooks For The New York Times After Years Of Pressure From Advocates, Legislators Expanded The Clean Indoor Air Act By Adding E-cigarettes To Indoor Spaces Where Smoking Is Banned, Including Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theaters And Office Buildings.

Supporters had called for the addition to help veterans struggling with the diagnosis, and a spokesman for Mr. Cuomo said he would review it. But for all the last-minute votes in favor, there were myriad bills that did not make it to the finish line — or, in many cases, never had a shot. The long list of bills that failed to materialize included comprehensive ethics reforms (in a capital troubled by corruption and scandal); a proposal to amend the State Constitution to assure a right to clean air and water; and a measure to give victims of childhood sexual abuse a much longer window in which to bring civil or criminal cases. Legislation that did pass included two health-related bills that the governor was expected to sign. Lawmakers passed measures to curtail the use of e-cigarettes, which would treat electronic cigarettes the same as combustible cigarettes, and to extend the statute of limitations for malpractice victims. A supporter of the Child Victims Act, to give victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to sue, at the Capitol on Wednesday. The Senate did not vote on it. Credit Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times After years of pressure from advocates, legislators expanded the Clean Indoor Air Act by adding e-cigarettes to indoor spaces where smoking is banned, including bars, restaurants, movie theaters and office buildings. New York City and nearly a dozen counties already have similar local laws. “We’re ecstatic,” said Julie Hart, a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network .

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