Couriers Driving Between Chicago And The West Coast Usually Were Stopped Initially For Something Innocuous And Preventable, Like Speeding Or A Busted Headlight.

Total weight of the marijuana seized was 64.7 pounds, with a street value of $250,000. The men were traveling from California to New York, according to the story. They face felony charges of cannabis trafficking, among other things, and at least 12 years in jail. They’re scheduled to appear in court again next week. This is the third time this month people have been arrested in Galesburg for transporting prolific parcels of pot via Amtrak, although the others weren’t quite this large. The national rail company’s Southwest Chief, which stops in Galesburg on its run between Los Angeles and Chicago, appears to be the preferred conveyance. marijuana It all reminds Nick in the Morning of the plethora of drug-running arrests that used to take place (and perhaps still do) along Interstate 80 in Bureau and LaSalle counties. Couriers driving between Chicago and the West Coast usually were stopped initially for something innocuous and preventable, like speeding or a busted headlight. Criminals usually aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, it’s true.

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