Council begins to tackle medical marijuana dispensaries

LIMA — While medical marijuana will be law in Ohio as of Sept. 8 the means to dispense the drug locally will be a heated topic if the city’s Safety Services committee discussion Monday is any indication. Third Ward Councilman Jesse Lowe II sat in on the hearing and voiced his opposition loud and clear. “I don’t agree with any of this. I would like to see if there is a point we couldn’t sell it period,” Lowe said. “Anything that comes before council I’m going to say no.” But 5th Ward Councilwoman Teresa Adams, also sitting in the audience, said there are people who legitimately need medical marijuana, and compared it to prescription drugs that pharmacies in town sell and some people abuse. “People need this medication in their home. I hope to never have to use that medication but I like to know it’s there if I have to use it,” Adams said. Committee Chair C. Ann Miles who represents Lima’s 7th Ward said she wants to hold more hearings including testimony from doctors on medical marijuana. She said taking the time will give residents a chance to voice concerns before the committee or to their councilperson. To read more:

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